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I am an artist, yoga teacher, sunshine and ocean lover but above all I am a mother of 2 wild children. My art journey startet at Milan Insitute.


I love the ease of acrylics, the possibilities that arise from oil color and the looseness and freedom of inks and spray paint. As you can see I am a Mixed Media artist. 


Through many hours of personal exploration with colors and forms I have found my distinctive style.  I prefer to paint large format canvases in spontaneous realistic style. I am an intuitive protrait painter. Colors, forms and finally the entire work emerge from the dynamic of the moment.

I feel inspired by formative characters like Frida Kahlo, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Einstein etc.

I believe in the power of thoughts and in the possibility of reshaping and perceiving life.


Ocean vibes

Inspired by the harmony of the ocean. A wallart object in a white show frame.  It remindes me of endless waves, shallow water, white reflection of light & white sand beaches. A  sturcture painting in white, pale green and aqua - perfect to dream away.  

Studio 180° Tour

I am happy to welcome you to my creative studio place. This bright, sunny and minimalistic place invites me to dive into my creativity. I absolutely LOVE working in this surrounding.

Small Canvas 

Painting with aquarelle colored pencils, inks and acrylic paint on a small canvas. Follow me painting a deer in lovely autumnal colors. 


My first time using a clayboard. Watch me drawing a portrait combined with natural patterns in oil. I start with a traditional pencil scetch, followed by watercolor pencils, inks and finished with oils.

Painting with Inks

Join me as I paint a leopard with inks, permanent markers and a lot of water. This painting took me around 20 min. You will see a timelapse from the beginning to the end. Enjoy!

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