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Anne Prietzel
- APRIE - 

Hello Artlovers! I am Anne Prietzel, 33 years old and living on the baltic sea, Germany. I am an intuitive portrait painter. Creativity and movement has alsways been my second nature. Currently, I am creating my studio space to work as a full time artist. On this site you can find a whole suite of high quality original art works. Enjoy!

Meet Anne Prietzel


Welcome To My Studio

This is my studio - the place where creativity and brush strokes take place. The place where I spend most of my day time and many nights as well. I love to be here! My studio moves twice a year. During summer season, it moves into a giant outdoor tent to enjoy the sunlight, nature and I love to give yoga classes here. During winter and spring it gets quite cold here in Germany so I move with a hot water bottle into a house.

I believe everybody is a creator so:

           "Imagine each though has a color.
                     How would your canvas look like?"




Grow Your Vision

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