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Anne Prietzel
- APRIE - 


Hello Artlovers! I am Anne Prietzel, 33 years old and living on the baltic sea, Germany. I am an intuitive portrait painter. Creativity and movement has alsways been my second nature. Currently, I am creating my studio space to work as a full time artist. On this site you can find a whole suite of high quality original art works. Enjoy!

Meet Me!


Jump InTo My Studio

This is my studio - the place where creativity and brush strokes take place. The place where I spend most of my day time and many nights as well. I love to be here! My studio moves twice a year. During summer season, it moves into a giant outdoor tent to enjoy the sunlight, nature and I love to give yoga classes here. During winter and spring it gets quite cold here in Germany so I move with a hot water bottle into a house.

I believe everybody is a creator so:

           "Imagine each thought has a color.
                     How would your canvas look like?"


Creativity & Yoga

Love Every Moment!
Yoga is time for you., for your health, your body and mind. To find your truth!


For me art is colorful, wild, spontaneous and sometimes quiet and resting.
Its like life! 


Shaping, firing and enjoying. Pottery has been practiced by humunas for thousands of years. Here you find a modern interpretation. 


Stay inspired!

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Contact Me:

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